The rules of “Show and Tell” have not changed.

The rules are simple: when you bring something in your backpack to share, you share not to outshine someone else’s backpack but to invite your peers to ask “tell me more about this.” 

We listen carefully to the thoughts and stories of others in the room. We each get a chance to share what is most important to us. Show and tell is a part of our humanness and sharing our genius with the world.

We are all living in one worldwide show and tell, but we have forgotten the rules. The world is functioning at mass scale under their potential because we are feeling or fearing our insignificance. We don’t know that we matter, so how can we help?

It’s important to understand that accepting our genius and inherent value is simple, but it is not easy. Mattering isn’t just a theme for the year, it isn’t an event, it’s not just on the agenda; mattering is the agenda. Once we accept this, we can begin to incorporate it into every practice in our lives.

Here are six ways to ensure mattering is at the forefront of what we and our businesses do:

  1. We must be conscious of the dangers of feeling like we don’t matter in our organizations. 
  2. Understand that we are conditioned very early on that complex problems must be solved by complex interventions.
  3. Go back to the roots of the communities we serve.
  4. Respect, presence and effort is required.
  5. Remember that we are not returning to work, we are returning to meaning.
  6. Understand that the science of mattering drives decisions- it is cost effective to create a culture where customers and employees want to be present. 

When you understand the conditions of what makes somebody their best human self, you can create magical human moments anywhere.

Call to action: Take some time to survey your business, your colleagues, your friends, your family and yourself on how it feels to matter, and how you can incorporate mattering in every decision made.