Testimonials for Angela Maiers

Lisa Allen - Baltimore County Schools, MD

“Angela’s energy, her intensity, just pulled me right in. The whole idea of being more – and looking to people to be more, was amazing. After listening to her, I am completely energized. I’m asking myself: What can I do to change now? How can work with others to change so that we bring out the best in our students? Her message is something that is important to everyone especially in today’s world.”

Media Specialist - Baltimore, MD Public Schools

“I just listened to Angela Maiers’ keynote and I cannot say enough. Angela is for real. She’s authentic. Her session was honestly life changing for me and so much help. I didn’t want it to end. What she has to say about the impact of mattering is incredibly powerful.”

Senior Director, Solutions - Stratifyd

“Angela was very engaging in the way she really drove home the point that Customer Experience is all about people. You’re not selling a product, you are selling to people and trying to make a good connection with them, understand their pain, empathize with them and make sure they know that they matter.

Her message resonated very well. You could see the reaction in the room, you could see the heads nodding. Like she said, it’s common sense but not common practice, which really resonated with me.

Angela made the topic of customer experience more human than most. Everyone is usually really focused on product, product, product, and how they can help analyze things to help make your buying decision easier versus making it more human. I think when you humanize things it resonates more with people and makes your message more effective. She was great.”

Director of Community - Huffington Post

“When I began to assemble the program for my first Community Manager Conference, I was eager to bring in a closing keynote speaker who would attract registrants, create a buzz and send the attendees home on a high note. Angela Maiers was all of this and more. Her keynote was inspiring and actionable, and people still talk about it.”

VP Education - Microsoft

“There is a reason that Angela Maiers is recognized as one of today’s most influential education thought leaders: her work resonates with teachers, school leaders, students and parents alike. At this year’s Microsoft Education Empowered E 2 Conference, Maiers delivered the closing keynote, How Big is Your Brave? Not surprisingly, she focused on the importance of bravery, leadership, and courage. And true to her unique and authentic style, she delivered. To say that Maiers blew the E 2 crowd away would be an understatement.”

Dave Rothacker - Go Time Success Group

“Angela is one of my favorite transformational leaders! I met Angela when she bridged her world of teaching / education to business years ago. There was and still is a huge hunger for the knowledge and wisdom that Angela has reaped from her journey. Angela Maiers is synonymous with two words: You Matter. Interact with her, read her material, watch her videos and or on social media and you’ll know that in a second! Follow her today.”