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Choose2Matter is a powerful call to action that invites people to make mattering a way of life.

As a young teacher, Angela Maiers had an epiphany: people need to matter. They need to be noticed, valued, and honored. Significance is even more important than success. Ever since, the You Matter message has been changing hearts, minds, and lives.

Genius Hour

Genius Hour is one (or more) periods per week where students work on passion projects.

Genius Hour is a chance for students to ask themselves: What matters to me? What breaks my heart about the world today? The answers to those questions could point to their passion projects.


Mattergrams are creative, interpersonal messages to let people know you are thinking of them and that they MATTER, not just to you, but to the world.

The Movement of Mattering has already swept across the globe, challenging us to make “mattering” a way of life, and is continuously fueled by people just like you.