I taught kindergarten for one year of my career, and it was an extraordinary year. It was an experience I wish every teacher and leader could have at least a small taste of.

There’s something about being around young children; beyond their energy, freshness, and laughter.

Children are wise without knowing it. Fearless learners and compassionate leaders; children live in a world where everything matters and everyone has value.

I loved seeing their faces light up when I told them how smart they were making me. They smiled with pride and appreciated the praise; but I am not sure they understood how true those words were. I can honestly say, everything I needed to know about social media and life; I learned in kindergarten.

It was there, I learned to:

  • Notice beauty and wonder all around me
  • Never take a day, or even an hour for granted.
  • Find evidence of life and growth in the most unlikely of places.
  • Listen with a mind and heart wide open.
  • Dream big and celebrate little.
  • Capture the extraordinary in the ordinary and everyday things.
  • Most Importantly…love unconditionally. 

The world is what we make of it, and children know that. To fully embrace the potential our digital landscape holds; we need to become more “child-like” in our approach. The internet depends on people’s ability to move through it with respect and grace; to demonstrate community and social responsibility, and to fully experience it with love.