Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

This year has been incredibly fulfilling. Every conference and every district wants to hear the same topic: Mattering IS the Agenda. While I enjoy delivering my other topics, mattering draws the most emotional response and spurs educators to take action immediately.

Thus I was very excited when Steve Figurelli, Supervisor of Elementary Education for Edison Township Schools in New Jersey, asked me to help enhance the culture of mattering in his schools.

My co-founder at Choose2Matter, Mark Moran, hails from New York. Early in our partnership, he said that, while the heartland loved Choose2Matter, the NYC metropolitan area, with its thick-skinned denizens, may not embrace it as fully. However, we’ve met educator after educator from this area who were eager to create a mattering culture in their school, and suddenly we have quite a few engagements scheduled there. Edison was the first.

What a perfect place to begin from! I met with educators from the district’s three elementary schools. Edison is a wonderful place to work and learn, with educators who are passionate about their craft and put students first.

More so than almost any district I’ve visited, these educators lit up Twitter, using the #EdisonK12 hashtag, from the moment I started speaking. Even better, this has continued for more than a week now, as educators post picture after picture of the ways they’re changing their classroom to show students they matter.Steve Figurelli posted this wonderful reflection on the day and its impact on his teachers.