I’m honored, privileged and quite frankly, ecstatic(!) that Classroom Habitudes is now a manifesto on ChangeThis!

ChangeThis is a site birthed from an idea by Seth Godin and operated by the folks at 1-800-CEO-READ ( click through to download the manfiesto)

Among some of the other thought champions and change catalysts with a manifesto in the ChangeThis Librarary are: Tom Peters, Dan Roam, Matthew May, Michael Strong, Rajesh Setty, Rosa Say, Keith Ferrazzi, The Heath Bros., and many others.

The manifesto adapted from my book Classroom Habitudes, which has received some great reviews and response.

Recently, Mike Fisher has done a series extending this conversation around Professional Development. His Building Capactiy from Within is a great read (and really should be considered a manifesto in its own right).

My special and heartfelt thanks to Scott McLeod and David Armano for believing in the project and spurring it forward (Scott) and afterward (David).

I believe that Classroom Habitudes can be a change-agent in and out of the classroom. I hope you agree.