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Just as I was getting ready to post a Classroom Habitudes conversation that I had the pleasure of having with students this past week, I received this e-mail from a teacher:

Greetings Angela,

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” ~Victor Hugo.

And the time for Classroom Habitudes in our classrooms has arrived!

I attended a fall conference in which you presented, and was inspired not only with your work but also with the enthusiasm and passion with which it was shared. With eager anticipation, I began reading your book Classroom Habitudes.

“She’s done it!” I whispered in awe. “Angela Maiers has just caught ‘lightning in a bottle’!”

With the ideas fresh in my head, I knew I had to create a way to deliver such material to the kids in my classroom. The Habitudes: imagination, curiosity, self-awareness, perseverance, courage, and adaptability… such ideas need to be taught from a soul-level… yet one that is logical, accessible, and easily understood for teachers AND students alike.

Unfortunately, ideas such as these are hard to deliver without initially getting teachers to “buy-in.” And you really can’t “buy-in” to what you don’t truly understand… yourself as an individual and as a teacher, and the brain science behind this 21st Century way of thinking and how learning happens.

So, I started to develop a slideshow based on the book, and though it’s a relatively simple piece, it delivers a mind-stretching opportunity for kids that will better prepare them for the unknown future that lies ahead.

Any teacher in the field – no matter what their comfort level is regarding the teaching of these topics to their students – can quickly and easily implement the mini-lessons presented in Classroom Habitudes. We hear the term “canned lesson plans” in our business a lot…well, this essentially is providing a drive-through at a 5-star restaurant!

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Angela…I thank you. On behalf of like-minded Teachers everywhere…I think we’re ready now. 🙂

Monette Ross- 8th Grade Language Arts

This letter was like a dream come true. So often when I visit schools, I am then one demonstrating the strategy, lesson, or conversation. I know this process is necessary and brings about many important conversations.

I rarely get to come back and watch what brilliant teachers like, Monette, do with the dialogue. Seeing what teachers do to make the lessons their own, challenge their thinking, and explore their creativity and talents is what gives me the greatest satisfaction.

Although, we can not be there to experience the conversation with students live, Monette has graciously shared her presentation with us along with encouragement to “make it our own”. It is such a joy to see how the Habitude lessons have come alive:

Habitudes Lesson: Imagination by M. Ross

Monette and her students have promised they will share more of their thinking and classroom applications with us in the coming week. I would love you to do the same. If you have done a lesson, are wanting to try a lesson, or have thoughts about how to bring this conversation into your classroom, please share on your blog or mine. We are smarter together– right?

Remember, you can sooo do this!