A friend of mine shared a story about a family tradition, where after her family opens their presents, they take inventory and determine which items they will most likely use, and which gifts may likely be less used. Upon reflection, each family member determines if a gift should be passed on or not.

What a wonderful story about self-awareness, and what a wonderful time of year to be self-aware, one of my favorite Classroom Habitudes.

The quest towards self knowledge goes beyond articulating what we want from life or who we want to become. Self-Awareness is the ability to simultaneously exist both inside and outside of ourselves. It’s with this intimate knowledge we’re equipped to make conscious and deliberate decisions about the course we wish our lives to take; not just retrospectively, but proactively.

The habitude of self-awareness acts as our own built in check-and-balance system, popping up when there are conflicts that exist between our true nature and what we are actually doing or thinking. We may not always know how to reach our destination, nolvadex pct, and may from time to time become lost, but at the very least, we’ll understand when we’re off track and be able to search mindfully for a new route. Helping our students recognize how self awareness can both guide and empower is what makes this a habitude worth the study.